Tea scones with a whole lot of smiles

The third years worked very well in today’s kitchen 13/01/2014 showing great teamwork skills, time management and paying attention to the key steps in the recipe. The students  are getting all ready for the mock cookery practicals that are just around the corner! Today’s tasty bites were classic Tea Scones- 450g self- raising flour, 100g margarine, 50g caster sugar, 1 egg and 150ml milk baked at 200 degrees celsius for 15 minutes.  Here are a few key equipment in today’s practical class 1. Baking sheet 2. sieve 3.mixing bowl 4. 3 plate system 5. pastry brush for glazing 6. scone cutter 7. rolling pin 8. wire rack 9. tea towel and not forgetting our “Wooden Spoon“! Here are a few key terms from today’s class to revise, glazing, kneading, hygiene and safety precautions and the rubbing in method which is captured in this short video by Odlums http://www.odlums.ie/videos/rubbing-in-method/, Take a look!

All the girls worked very well in class, excellent effort and commitment shown by all! Maith sibh cailíní! Evaluation on the finished scones must be well detailed and give your honest critique don’t forget use the Evaluation Wordbank! How would you rate them on Come Dine with Me, would they  be a 10/10?

Questions that are to be answered girls are :

  1. Why is sieving flour necessary?
  2. Explain what the term ‘glaze’ means.
  3. Is it important that all scones are the one shape? Why?
  4. What is a raising agent?
  5. Name two other raising agents.

Fresh yummy Tea Scones

“As long as you know how to bake life is sure to be sweet ” 

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