A light lunch that is affordable, full of flavour and suitable for everyone, teenagers and even pollo vegetarians!

Today the second years were busy cooking a tasty affordable light lunch that is rich in high biological protein (Chicken), Vitamin C (Peppers) and the tortilla wraps contained high amounts of carbohydrates however whole grain wraps would have provided a healthier alternative. We also looked at different ways that you can ‘wrap and roll’ the chicken fajitas.

The key elements of today’s class were, good time management, preparing and cooking chicken correctly, chopping the different vegetables, hygiene and safety practices, cross contamination, balanced healthy meals, improving knife skills, being resourceful and evaluating the finished dish. We evaluated the dish by looking at the taste, colour, appearance, texture and overall presentation. To help evaluate the chicken fajitas correctly this Evaluation Wordbank will help you out! Take a look!

Santa came late to St Dominic’s this year and delivered three new cookers today. The girls tried and tested the cookers and took great pride in keeping the cookers clean!

Chicken FajitasNew cookers


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