St Dominic’s exciting 3-R-Trail to Fine Dine at Mine- Cookery Competition

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The young ladies in St Dominic’s have eagerly started on their 3-R-trail for the Fine Dine At Mine – Cookery Competition. RESEARCH- RESTAURANT  – RECIPE! The students are required to enter their favourite restaurant dish suitable for two people, main course only! The competition gives students an opportunity to create tasty, healthy and affordable restaurant meals at home (RAI, 2014).  More information is available at

Here in St. Dominic’s we will focus on buying local fresh organic, authentic food produce to promote the Ballyfermot community and what is available on our doorstep. There are a few guidelines that must be ticked first of all ladies if you want your entry to be successful.

  • You must select your favourite restaurant meal and make sure it is a healthy version girls (Going to require a bit of clever thinking)
  • Cook the dish and record on the entry form the: Quantity of each ingredient, list the ingredients, explain the cooking method, including cooking times and temperatures.
  • Tell them how you’ve made the dish healthier.
  • Take a photo, print it out and attach to the entry form
  • Post or email your entry to arrive before 5pm on Friday, 7th February 2014.Take the “whisk” do your best and cook up a storm ladies.

Take the “whisk” ladies, do your best, enjoy it and cook up a storm.

Adh mór libh girseacha 🙂

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