Give yourself enough time to study- Don’t be leaving it to the last minute!

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If you want the grades girls it is going to require your time and your commitment. You need to designate a place in your house to study, organise it and establish a routine. You should aim to complete three hours study each evening and at least 3+ hours study a day at the weekend but be sure to take a break for the “Voice of Ireland”, the Late Late Show and to practice your solo run for St Dominic’s Ladies GAA team! Your commitment will shine through your grades girls. You don’t want to look back on this year and think you could have done better! 6th years your homework can be accessed under your elective study tab(bits and bobs-social studies-work attainment and attitudes) and take a quick look at the paper layout and the timing of the paper for the mocks here Exam layout and timing LC 2014 (Click it).

3rd years your homework for the weekend can be found under the food studies tab. Do your best, attempt all questions and make sure you are studying the language of the paper. Don’t forget your ingredients for Monday’s practical class! 

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