She discovered she could have her cake and eat it too.. she just needed to put on her apron and bake it :)


Today was quite eventful in the Home Economics kitchen in St Dominic’s Secondary School! The 3rd years were busy practicing for their mock cookery practical and showed excellent time management, organisation and cooperation. The ladies cooked delicious banana and blueberry muffins and golden crisp sausage rolls. Take a look at a simple step by step instruction handout on how to make sausage rolls at home.


After school the 5th years ransacked the kitchen with their wooden spoons to complete the final stage of their 3-R trail for the Fine Dine At Mine cookery competition. Judging by the dishes that they served this evening it is clear that the ladies belong in the kitchen and impressed each other with their decorative touches. I suppose it is safe to say girls that the expert in cooking was once a beginner .. Maith sibh! 

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