Eating Disorder Awareness Week in St Dominic’s Secondary School #HomeEconomics

unnamedNational Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW) began last Monday, not only nationally but here in St Dominic’s Secondary School also. Eating disorders depict more about the person than the food that is or is not eaten. Whether a person is anorexic, bulimic or binge eating, the disorder often discloses an issue of control, vulnerability and fear in the sufferer. It reveals itself on a physical level and often leads friends and family to focus on the extra weight, or the skin and bones, instead of the mental health element of trying to control weight and body image issues.

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Eating disorders can be grouped by a variety of eating behaviours such as: Self-starvation – by fasting and/or food restriction. Purging -by self-induced vomiting, over-exercising, or laxative abuse. Bingeing – by consuming quantities of food beyond what the body needs to satisfy hunger.

Eating disorders can be seen as a way of coping with emotional distress, or as a symptom of underlying issues. Eating disorders are not primarily about food people can and do recover. Eating disorders can affect anyone! (BODYWHYS, 2014)

Eating disorders can be quite damaging to the body, both physically and emotionally, and people can get trapped or become captured in the destructive cycle of the eating disorder without knowing how to cope with it. Eating disorders are not solely based on food and weight, but also a person’s identity and self-confidence. Eating disorders may have a detrimental impact on family and friends.

Over the past week the learners have been busy researching the main eating disorders:  Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. What causes an eating disorder? Celebrities who have suffered from an eating disorder in particular Demi Lovato, Lindsay Lohan and Kesha. We looked at how to recognise different signs and symptoms and the importance of taking time out to talk about your problems instead of hiding them as Demi Lovato stated “Recovery doesn’t have a day off…..I don’t think there is a finish line I just think you keep going”(Lovato, 2012). Finally, the girls designed awareness posters for the school and they are quite thought provoking! Well done to all involved!

At this point it is important to note that if any student requires any added information or support you can ask any teacher, especially Ms Mills and Ms Cogavin they will all be more than willing to help! A problem shared is a problem halved!


Poster above completed by 2nd year Home Economics student

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