Provisional practical exam session timetable 2014

Girls I hope all your research and study is coming along well, do not forget to email me your work by Tuesday at the latest at We have a busy few weeks ahead of us so it is important that you get focused! Well done in your mock examinations, we have learned a lot from them!

Please take a look at the provisional time table for practical exam this is not set in stone. Click here Practical exam session 3rd years 2014.

Will the following girls please bring their ingredients on

Thursday 20th march after school

5.00- 6.45– Leanne Mc G,Courtney N, Elizabeth O’B, Megan M, Aimee O, Nicole G, Mary B, Esther J, Jessica K, Megan F, Michaela B,  Tanya B, Niamh N.

Monday 24th March 3.50-6.00

Brittany M, Annie W, Tori K, Alison T, Lauren O’ C, Laura B, Casey H, Chelsea K, Caroline C

Tuesday 25th March 3.10-5.30

Niamh R, Jade K, Emily O’B, Chloe B, Shannon I, Precious O, April L, Cassandra O’D, Niamh S


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