3rd years- After school cookery class


 Cooking after school  It is  compulsory that you attend  at the time below! A week today girls pressure is on!

Will the following girls please bring their ingredients on..

Monday 31st March 3.50-6.00

Brittany M, Niamh R, Elizabeth O B Nicole S, Emma D, Lauren O’ C, Shannon I, Lauren R, Emily O’ B, Chelsea, Jessica K

Wednesday 2nd April 3.10-6.00

Cassandra O D, Megan F , Lauren O C, Niamh N, Teegan W, Chloe M, Tori K, Tanya B, Laura B, Amy D, Elizabeth O B, Casey H, Emma D

Thursday 3rd  March 3.30- 6.30

Emma D, Esther J, Aimee O, Nicole G, Mary B, Megan M, Courtney N, Leanne Mc Grath, Alison T, Niamh R, Precious O, Shannon I.

Sunday : All those who are in cooking Monday afternoon session 2 -1.00-3.00

Sunday: All those cooking Monday morning 3.30-5.30



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