5th year SUMMER EXAMS hot topics!

The following are “hot topics” that you need to study for your Summer exams. * Don’t forget to hand up journals! 5th years Know the composition of lipids (fatty acids and glycerol), classification, structure (carbon chain for saturated, mono and poly), functions, properties, sources and RDA of fats. Be able to explain the digestion of … Continue reading

Classwork for Tuesday 20th May 2013

Work for Tuesday 20th May 2014 2nd year Ms Mills Home Economics Class (Computer room is booked RM39) A huge well done to all the 2nd years who completed their 2nd year cookery exam yesterday Monday the 19th In class you should 1. Continue with JC folder and decoration. 2. Complete your blog post on … Continue reading

Classwork Wednesday 7/5/2014

6th year exam questions to complete in class 7/5/2014 2011 Paper > Section B > Question 3 2007 Paper > Section A > Question 9 2007 Paper > Section B > Question 4 2013 Paper > Section A > Question 12 2010 Paper > Section B > Question 4 2009 Paper > Section B > … Continue reading