5th year SUMMER EXAMS hot topics!

The following are “hot topics” that you need to study for your Summer exams. * Don’t forget to hand up journals!photo1 (9)

5th years

  • Know the composition of lipids (fatty acids and glycerol), classification, structure (carbon chain for saturated, mono and poly), functions, properties, sources and RDA of fats. Be able to explain the digestion of fats.
  • Know the process by which green plants use energy from the sun to change carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen.Carbon dioxide + Water → Glucose + Oxygen  =  6CO2   + 6H2O  → C6H12O6  +    6O2

    Know the classification (mono, di,polysaccharide)  and sources of carbohydrates, energy value & dietary recommendations, biological functions of carbohydrates, the properties of Sugar, starch, nsp, culinary uses of sugar,starch, cellulose and the utilasationation and digestion of carbohydrates.

Class Chemical Formula Example Source
Monosaccharides C6H12O6 Glucose





Digested milk

Disaccharides C12H22O11 Maltose=Glucose+Glucose




Table sugar



(Complex Carbs)

(C6H10O5)n Starch

Cellulose             non-starch

Pectin                 polysaccharides


Bread, pasta

Whole cereals

Fruit cell wall

Liver and muscle cells

  • Know the composition of protein  (amino acids), classification, structure (primary, secondary, tertiary ), functions, sources and RDA of Protein . Be able to explain the digestion of protein.
  • Be able to give the different types of families in Ireland today.
    • Be able to list some low cost meals suitable for third level students
    • Be able to explain the principle of yeast bread and soda bread making.
    • Know the different types of commercial pastry available
  • Food commodities- Fish, poultry, meat, offal, cereals,
  •  Healthy eating guidelines, energy, food choice, balanced diet, meal planning etc.

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