Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine ♥

From old to new, it’s amazing what you can do! Today in the TY Home Economics interior design module the ladies put their nifty sewing skills to the test, as I’m sure they are a bit rusty from the junior certificate 👀! The ladies as part of their interior design module are learning fun and creative ways to upcycle furniture, learn practical life skills and give the Home Economics kitchens a new lease of life. The ladies began by examining a range of used fabrics that I brought in to show them, an old denim jumper, bed linen and old curtains. I then showed them a selection of bunting that I came across at a local country market on Sunday. Bunting is the perfect project for the new sewist, the young and hip sewist, or the returning to sewing sewist! I gave the students a bunting template to pin onto to their chosen fabric and cut out, keeping in mind the key safety guidelines while sewing! The ladies became reacquainted with the sewing machine and for some, it was love at first stitch! Take a look at how far the bunting has come along in today’s class. We will look forward to flying them high in the Home Economics room and complete cute, unique and quirky bunting for both kitchens! Sewing machines at the ready- sew let’s do this.
Creativity is contagious pass it on 


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