The fondest of memories are gathered around the table, or a tin of paint and brushes ♥


1. Clear the room of all tables, chairs, decorations, light and equipment that can be moved.

2.Move anything that can’t be removed into the middle of the room and cover it in plastic or old sheets to protect against splatters of paint.

3.Remove any cobwebs or dust.

4.Put paper or sheets on the floor.

5.Fill in any nail holes, hairline cracks and sand down afterwards.

6.Clean the walls and surfaces that will be painted with sugar soap or fairy liquid and warm water.

7.Cut in about 3cm from the ceiling and skirting boards with matching color.

8.Tape off light switches edges of areas that will not be painted (press, windows, woodwork, floor, ceiling to protect them form getting splattered. 

9.Read the tin of paint before starting, to see how long it will need to dry.

10. Paint 

11.Remove masking tape and complete touch ups.

12. wait for paint to dry, clean up your area.

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