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  1. Short questions 2009:

    1. List four factors that influence a persons energy requirements.
    i.) Age,gender.
    ii.) How active they are.
    iii.) Weather or climate.
    iv.) What their occupation is.
    2. Suggest four ways to increase fibre in the diet.
    i.) Eat wholemeal bread instead of white bread.
    ii.) Eat brown rice also whole-wheat pasta.
    iii.) Eat more fruit and dark coloured vegetables.
    iv.) Eat high fibre breakfast cereals e.g Weetabix, All bran…..etc
    3. Explain each of the following terms–
    i.) Empty kilocalories: Foods that are high in sugar but lack all other nutrients.
    ii.) Energy balance: When the energy you use and the energy you take in is equal to maintain at the right body weight.
    4. Name two types of soups and give one example of each type:
    i.)Thin- Clear ,broth.
    ii.) Thick- Puree, thickened.
    5. Give four uses of cheese in food preparation.
    i.) Quiche.
    ii.) Cheese fondue.
    iii.) Pizza.
    iv.) Salads.
    6. Name one type of milk that matches each of the following descriptions.
    i) Contains 0.1 to 0.3 % fat- skimmed milk.
    ii) Has all water removed- dried milk.
    iii) Extra vitamins and minerals removed- super/fortified milk.
    iv) A dairy milk substitute- soya milk.
    7. Suggest four modern day changes which have influenced shopping patterns.
    i) Large shopping centres.
    ii.) 24 hour shopping, Sunday shopping.
    iii.) Internet shopping.
    iv.) Free parking spaces.
    8.i. What information does this symbol give to the consumer?
    i.) Items of good quality National Standards Authority of Ireland mark. (NSAI)
    8.ii. Name one item on which it is found.
    ii.) Irish made goods.
    9. List four examples of credit buying.
    i.) Credit card..
    ii) Bank overdraft.
    iii) Interest free credit.
    iv) Hire purchase.
    10. Suggest four ways in which consumers can make a positive difference to the environment
    (i) Buy loose foods instead of packaging.
    (ii) Buy packaging that is recyclable.
    (iii) Choose energy-efficient electrical appliances.
    (iv) Buy ozone friendly products.
    11. Identify the parts of the male reproductive system labelled A, B and C.
    A.) Penis.
    B.) Sperm duct.
    C.) Testicle.
    12. State two factors that promote educational development in children:
    (i) Home environment.
    (ii) Willingness to avail of opportunities .
    13. Suggest four guidelines to ensure healthy teeth and gums.
    (i) Regular brushing.
    (ii) Use toothpaste with fluoride.
    (iii) Change brush regularly.
    (iv) Limit sweet foods.
    14. What steps have been taken to reduce alcohol consumption in Ireland?
    (i) Illegal for under 18’s to consume alcohol.
    (ii) No children in pubs after 9p.m.
    15. Give two reasons why good lighting is important in the home.
    (i) Prevents eye strain.
    (ii) Can prevent accidents.
    16.i. Explain the term biodegradable waste:
    i.) Biodegradable waste: Can be broken down and made harmless by bacteria,
    16.ii. Give one example of biodegradable waste
    ii.) Paper.
    17. Name the methods of heat transfer that occur in (i) the grill and (ii) the oven:
    i) Grill- Radiation.
    ii) Oven- Convection.
    18. Explain each of the following room planning terms:
    i) Proportion: The relationships between the sizes of different items.
    ii) Balance: An equal spread of colour, pattern and texture.
    19. What influences fashion trends?
    i) The fashion industry e.g Designers.
    ii) Technology.
    iii) Celebrities.
    iv) World events.
    21. Outline the function of each of the following:
    i) Biological detergent: Breaks down protein stains on clothes as they contain enzymes.
    ii) Fabric conditioner: Softens clothes, reduces static electricity, makes ironing easier and it gives a pleasant smell.
    22. What information does this symbol give to the consumer?
    100% pure new wool.
    23. Explain each of the following textile terms.
    i) Nap: A raised surface, contains fibres which lie in one direction.
    ii) One way design: Fabric with a definite pattern direction
    24. List four guidelines which should be followed when caring for a sewing machine.
    i) Follow manufacturers instructions.
    ii) Do not run machine without fabric.
    iii) Oil moving parts.
    iv) Have it serviced regularly

    2009 Long Question 3:

    3.A. List and explain four reasons why consumers need to be informed.
    -To make the right decisions.
    -So they can get the best value for their money.
    -So that they understand the laws.
    -To be able to complain effectively.
    3.B. Outline four sources of consumer information.
    -National Consumer Agency.
    -Consumers Association of Ireland.
    3.C. A mobile phone, still under guarantee, becomes faulty.List three forms of redress available to the consumer in this situation.
    3.E.i. What is a guarantee?
    i.) A contract between the manufacturer and the consumer to make An understanding that the product will be satisfactory for a stated length of time.
    3.E.ii. When is a consumer not covered by the terms of a guarantee?
    ii.) If the fault is due to misuse/abuse or if the fault was pointed out at time of purchase.

    • Well done, excellent homework completed. Very well written, don’t forget your State Explain and Example. Could you elaborate on question 3.A and 3.C to gain full marks?
      3.A. List and explain four reasons why consumers need to be informed.
      To make the right decisions– This is when the consumer… an example of this is
      So they can get the best value for their money– Getting value for your money is crucial because… an example of this is.
      So that they understand the laws.- Being a discerned consumer is important…. an example of this is…
      -To be able to complain effectively.
      Knowing how to demonstrate your dissatisfaction is important because… an example of this..

      Q3. C A mobile phone, still under guarantee, becomes faulty.List three forms of redress available to the consumer in this situation.
      -Refund ( A refund is a… an example of this is..
      -Repair (A repair is…. an example of this is….
      -Replacement (Replacing is… an example of this is..
      It is important not to cut your answers short.

      An-obair, maith a bhean!

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