Guilt free fish and chips cookery practical template 1©
  7 reasons to include fish in your diet 

  1. White fish contains no fat so it is suitable for low calorie diets.
  2. Oily fish contains polyunsaturated oil and omega 3 fatty acids which is suitable for low cholesterol diets and those at risk of a heart attack.
  3. Fish is easily digested which is suitable for elderly people, children, people who are sick or convalescing.
  4. Fish is sold at a variety of prices, making it widely available to all. Inexpensive and nutritious fish -mackerel and herring. 
  5. Lacks carbohydrate and vitamin C- needs to be combined with foods rich in these
  6. Wide variety available and many cooking methods can be used, making it very versatile.Fish is available processed e.g. frozen, in batter, in breadcrumbs, in sauce which can make it convenient and also available when out of season.
  7. Contains HBV protein and is a good substitute for meat.  Marine fish is rich in iodine which is needed for the functioning of the thyroid gland and prevention of goitre. 

© 7 reasons to swap chips with a sweet potato optionaf2a337784f9aa44be2d56fce0f7dfbc

1.  They are high in vitamin B

2. They are a good source of vitamin C.  While most people know that vitamin C is important to help protect against cold and flu especially during winter 

3.  They contain Vitamin D to  helps to build healthy bones, heart, nerves, skin, and teeth

4.  Sweet potatoes contain iron mag­nesium and potassium

5. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet-tasting

6. Their rich orange color indicates that they are high in beta carotene  vitamin A to help strengthen your eyesight and help us fight infections and are powerful antioxidants.

7. Sweet potatoes are versatile they can be include in a range of dishes and can be roasted, puréed, steamed, baked, or grilled to reduce the calorie content

Click here to see the Fish and Chips without the guilt recipe for next week ladies ♥

8 thoughts on “Guilt free fish and chips cookery practical

  1. Heya ms mills do we buy 200g of white fishh haddock, cod, and halibut slicd in 12 strips or just 200g of either 3 sliced in 12 pieces ???

  2. Colour: The colour of the fish was a lovely golden brown colour on the outer layer! When you bite into the fish it was pure white!
    Flavour: The flavour of the fish was a fishy taste haha! But the batter had a hint of lemon, I didn’t really like that!
    Texture: The texture of the fish was a bit chewy,The batter was crunchy!!

    Colour: The chips were a golden orange colour, with chilly flakes on them!
    Flavour: They were very spicy! In my opinion sweet potato chips are not my favourite!
    The next time i would put less lemon in my breadcrumbs, and less chilli flake on my chips! Other than that i really enjoyed making homemade fish and chips!

    • Very honest evaluation, what skills did you learn today? How well did you carry them out? Oven management, timing, breading of the fish, knife skills, organisation and serving. Why don’t you say that the fish had a dominant fishy taste however the lemon rind and juice masked this. The fish itself was flaky and melted in your mouth and this contrasted with the breaded outer layer. excellent work and well done in todays class.

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  4. The Fish 🐠

    Colour: The outer layer or the fish batter was a golden brown colour, when you took a bite into it the fish was white.

    Texture: The fish was chewy while the batter was crunchy.

    Flavour: I didn’t taste the fish but from the other girls, there was a dominant fish taste but the lemon zest masked it.

    The sweet potatoe chips 🍟

    Colour: The skins on the chips wore a golden colour, the potato part was an orange colour.

    Texture: The chips wore smooth yet crunchy.

    Flavour: The chips had a sweet taste compares to normal chips.

    In my opinion I didn’t like the smell of the fish. I don’t like fish. The sweet potato chips wore delicious, next time I would probably make chicken and chips but I would put sea salt on them to give them more flavour

  5. The fish 🐠
    Colour: the fish was a light brown batter on the outside and one the inside it was a healthy white colour.
    Flavour: the fish was a lemony flavour
    Texture : the fish was a chewy and crispy
    The chips 😃
    Colour: the colour of the chips were an orangey yellow colour
    Flavour: the chips tasted very healthy and sweet
    Texture : they were soft yet chewey 👏👏👏

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