Less guilty succulent homemade beef burgers

A good burger never fails to fully satisfy the hunger signals. The best thing about making your own beef burger is that it gives you the chance to have a burger that’s seasoned, cooked and dressed how you like it. However, the most important ingredient is the beef and more importantly how that beef is sourced. We are very fortunate to have local producers working at very high standards here in Donegal, Dill’s Dexter Beef in particular. Dexter cattle are the smallest of the European cattle breeds and are a native Irish breed.To find out more about our local Dexter Beef producer in Donegal click http://donegalnews.com/2015/03/dills-dexter-beef-farm-shop-opens-in-letterkenny/ 7. Dexter beef is lean and very easily digested.

Flavoursome beef,  lightly oiled with locally sourced Donegal rapeseed oil, subtle herbs, mustard, Worcester sauce, garlic, sun dried tomatoes,avocado, feta, sugar plum tomatoes served with crunchy-edged five seed bread with sweet potato cubes.

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