Blogging Guidelines

  • Students will only be identified by code name for example Student 01, Student 12, Student 65.
  • Posts will not include personal details about students such as address and family information.
  • Never give out any personal information such as: last name,telephone number, address e-mail address.
  • All comments submitted must be approved by your teacher before they are posted.
  • All students must have parental permission to have their work posted on the blog.
  • All students must regularly complete the blog work.
  • Always make sure you check over your post for spelling and writing errors. Paste your post in a word document and run spell check, or ask your classmate or teacher for help.
  • Never disrespect someone else in your blog, whether it’s a person or an organisation.
  • Don’t write about other people without their permission.  Never share someone else’s last name.
  • Always watch your language.  Blogging is part of our school community therefore language that is inappropriate in school is also inappropriate in your blog.
  • Make sure things you write about are factual.
  • Always link to your sources of information to avoid copying or plagiarism.
  • Only items relating to Home Economics will be posted on the blog.
  • Deviation from these rules will result in participation in blogging being removed.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. Hi, Aisling it’s Nuala K, congratulations on putting together an excellent blog. I will be following with interest, and best of luck in promoting Home Economics.

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