Shopping and decision making Homework Activity 29/4/2014

Q1. What was the last major purchase you made? What factors influenced your decision to buy it?

Q2. Have you ever bought anything on impulse? Make a list of products that could end up as impulse buys.

Q3. Discuss how the following may influence our decision to buy, fashion, peers, advertising, budget.




3 thoughts on “Shopping and decision making Homework Activity 29/4/2014

  1. 1.The last major purchase I made was a phone, the factors that influenced my purchase were its quality, its design, my budget, its value, and the purpose of the phone.

    2. Yes I think the main thing I buy on impulse wood be junk food ex:

    Impulse buys:
    Ice cream,

    3. Fashion:
    Of something new is in fashion I think people almost feel compelled to buy it and are brain washed by the media so that they think they need it.

    I think our peers are a big influence on most of our purchases, as of one of your peers has purchased something they will most likely have a conversation with you about the item and recommend that you purchase the item.

    advertisement pays a big part in what we purchase as most of the time they make the item seem much more appealing than they actually are and again can make the consumer feel like they need the item.

    Budget is one of the biggest factors to be considered when purchasing an item as it determines the quantity, variety and quality of items we can buy.

  2. 1) The last major purchase I made was runners.The factors that made me buy it was the design, cost and value.
    2)The main thing I buy would be clothes
    eg: Tops
    3) Fasion-I think fashion is a big thing in some people lifes nowadays becouse they fell pressured to look a certain way. Which mean shops are making alot of money becouse the see that people will only buy certain clothes and shoes so the stuff they buy will be ther dearist which makes is very hard for people to buy them.
    Advertising- Advertising is a big thing,it lets people know what shops have,the price and if its the kind of clothing ect you want or need. The disadvantages would be that if you take your time to go to the shop and its not what you expected and you had been looking forward to it
    Budget-Budget is important becouse it lets us know if its a good quality and if the purchase is worth the money

  3. 1) The last major purchase I made was buying runners because if you bought one you get one half price, it wasn’t that expensive and their lovely colours

    2) Yes I bought tracksuits which was on sale, it was 10 euro but now its 5 euro. It was in the front of the shop and had a sign saying ‘On Sale’

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