13 thoughts on “2nd year homework tasks

  1. Question 1 :
    Greens: lettuce,peas,cabbage,spinach,celery
    Roots: carrots,turnip,potato,Beetroot
    Fruit: vegetables:Peppers tomatoes, courgettes
    Pluses: Peas, beans, lentils

  2. Q1
    Greens: Cabbage, Broccoli, lettuce
    Roots: Carrot, turnip
    Fruit: Pepper, Cucumber
    Pulses: lentils, peas, beans
    (a)provides 1 of your recommend 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables
    (b)apple cranberry salad, veggie omelet, sweet potato beignets
    (c)(1)to keep color taste, for a crunch
    (d) Eat raw vegetables as snacks, make homemade soup, include fresh vegetables in sandwiches make healthy vegetable stir-fries
    (e)the symbol means it can be frozen

    (a)There is more nutritive value in apples than in blackcurrants
    (b)(1)for energy vitamin c,Low in fat and suitable for people who are watching their weight. High in vitamins and minerals and also high in fibre to help prevent constipation
    (2) a fruit smoothie, in yoghurt, in curries and in cereals
    (c)It makes it last longer, the foods can be available all year around
    (d)(1)freezing, drying, canning
    (e)Freezing- strawberries and Raspberries

    • Good work and attempt made, you are not writing enough key information on part 1 (A) You must state each nutrient and how much of it is present in the food, (B) You must then tell me if it is in high or low amounts (C) you must state why this nutrient is needed in the body (D) you must state which group of people need to include this nutrient in high amounts/ low amounts.

      When asked to illustrate a menu, you must draw it in a menu format Starter, Main course, Dessert ( this gives you a chance to draw a menu and be creative)

  3. Q1) Greens:cabbage, lettuce Brussel sprouts,broccoli
    Roots:carrots, turnip, onion, potatoes
    Pulses:peas, beans, lentils

    Q2a)protein-LBV, fat-0%

    b)starter: Caesar salad
    main: vegetable omelet
    dessert: fruit crumble

    c)Vegetables are not put into water less loss of water soluble vitamins and minerals compared to boiling. No fat is added during cooking. It is healthier.

    c2)in the microwave or boiling

    d)salad,on its own, stir fry with green vegetables is better for young people

    e) food can be frozen

    The Apples have a higher amounts energy carbohydrates and water the same fat and blackcurrants have higher amount of Protein and vitamin c.
    b) low in fat good for those that are watching their weight
    vitamin A and C
    minerals iron and calcium Helps prevent anaemia, osteoporosis and rickets
    b2) smoothies
    fruit salad
    as a whole
    fruit kebabs
    c) Last for longer
    d)freezing anddrying
    d2) freezing blueberries and raspberries

    • Good work. You have clearly stated the answer and have gotten straight to the point! When a question asks you to outline information you must explain in detail how each method of preservation is carried out. Menus must always be in a menu format. Take a look at the feedback the other girls have gotten to, to increase your marks for Easter exam. Maith thú!

  4. 1)
    Greens: Spinach
    Root: Turnip
    Fruit: Tomato
    Pulses: Peas

    A)Protein: 4.6g of protein each servings which make these good for anybody.
    Fats: 0.6g of fat which would be suitable for people in low fat diet.
    Carbohydrates: 5.4g of Carbohydrates in this and 3.4g of fibre not good for people with low carbohydrates diet
    Vitamins: 3.4mg of vitamin C good for people with anaemia because if you take it with Iron it will absorb better.
    Minerals: It has Iron to make haemoglobin in the red blood cells and has no sodium which is good.

    B) MENU

    Vegetable Soup with brown bread
    (Main course)
    Steak with steamed Vegetable and wedges
    Ice-cream with fruit toppings e.g. Strawberry and Nuts

    i) So it doesn’t loose vitamin C and the minerals, it’s Quick and easy
    ii) Two other methods suitable for cooking vegetables is Boiling and roasting
    To include vegetable in a teenagers diet is to add it to their soup, Eat it raw in salads or in a stir-fry And include it in snacks e.g. Sandwich
    That symbol represents frozen.

    A) Has 0.9g of protein suitable for everyone .No trace of Fat. 6.6g of Carbohydrates for storage and transport of energy and structural components and a high content of water and 2oomg of Vitamin C good for people with Anaemia
    0.3g of protein. No trace of Fat. 12g of Carbohydrates for storage and transport of energy and structural components and a high content of water and 5mg of Vitamin C suitable for Anaemic people.
    i) you include Fruit in the diet to get Vitamin C for growth, Carbohydrates for storage and transport of energy, Protein for reproductions for hormones and enzymes and for minerals like Iron and Fibre which is found in the skin
    ii) Include fruit in pies e.g. apple pie, give them fruit drinks e.g, orange juice, tropical drinks include fruit in salads and eat raw.
    C) So it can last longer and wont go off.
    i)Canned and dried
    ii) Canned: Jam
    Dried: Apples

  5. Q1.)Greens-Cabbage
    Q2.)Protein-There is 4.6g of protein in these vegetables, each severing.Which would make theses good for everyone.
    Carbohydrate-there is 5.4g of carbohydrate in this and 3.4g of fibre which means they wouldn’t be that good for people on a low carb diet.
    Vitamins- There is 34mg of vitamin c in this which makes it good for people with anaemia because if you take it with iron it will help to absorb it better.
    Minerals- In this there are iron +sodium but there is only trace sodium which is good.
    Fats- There is only 0.6g of fat in these vegetables which would make them suitable for anyone on a low fat diet. Vegetables are always highly recommended for that.
    Vegetable soup with a side
    of wholemeal brown bread

    Lamb with steamed veg
    and potatoes

    Fruit salad with
    a side of nuts

    orange juice
    apple juice

    c.)You don’t lose vitamins/minerals.
    Quick and easy method.
    D.)Add veg to there favorite recipes.
    Try them in soup
    Add them to breakfast e.g Vegetable omelette.
    E.) Frozen

    Protein- In blackcurrants there is 0.9g of protein.
    Fat- There is no fat in blackcurrants at all.
    Carbohydrate-There is 6.6g of carbohydrate.
    Water-77g of water is in these blackcurrants.
    Vitamins- there is 200mg of vitamin c in these blackcurrants

    Protein-there is 0.3g of protein.
    Fat-There is no fat at all.
    Carbohydrate- There is 12g of carbohydrates in these blackcurrants.
    Water-8ug of water is in these apples.
    Vitamins-5mg of vitamin c is in these apples.

    B.)Better for your over all health.
    Low in fat/No cholesterol.
    Source of many essential nutrients.
    ii.)Buy more fruit and dump all junk food.
    Make the fruit fun by cutting it into shapes.
    Find a way if possible to sneak fruit into their favorite foods/dishes.

    C.)A longer shelf life so then you get more for your money.
    D.)Canning ii.)apples
    _______ ii.)_______

    • Very good attempt made. Please use full sentences at all times and not symbols. you must state the percentage of each nutrient, why we should include that nutrient in our diet, who should include this nutrient in their diet, e.g Protein (State if it is LBV, OR HBV) the amount of protein in the food as presented in the graph. Protein is needed for growth and repair, heat and energy to produce enzymes antibodies and hormones. Its is important that the following people include protein in their diet, children, growing teenagers and pregnant women. Take a look at feedback that has been given to the other girls and compare your answer with theirs. Keep it up!

  6. (Q.1)
    Greens: Cabbage, brussel sprouts, lettuce and broccoli.
    Roots: Carrots, onions, potato, parsnips and turnips.
    Fruit: Tomato, marrow, cucumber and curgettes.
    Pulses: Peas, beans and lentils.

    The dish contains 4.6g of LBV protein, It contains 0.6g of unsaturated fat which is good for anyone on a diet, at risk of heart disease or with high cholesterol, it contains 34mg of vitamin C, it contains 3.4g of fibre due to the the skin, it contains 5.4g of carbohydrates, It only contains a trace of sodium which again is good for anyone on a reduced salt diet, at risk of heart disease or with high cholesterol, It contains 99ug of Folic Acid which is good for pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy. Overall this dish is healthy and quick to make which is good for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

    Vegetable soup, with a side of wholemeal bread.
    Main Course
    Chicken stir-fry with steamed vegetables.
    Fruit salad.
    Orange juice
    Apple juice

    Steaming is a healthier method as it does not contain any extra fats like salt, butter or oils.
    Steaming is a quicker method.
    Vitamins are not lost.


    Eat as a snack, Include it in their school lunch, Include vegetables in some of their favourite meal, try different types of vegetables e.g dried and buy vegetables they prefer.


    Apples contain more energy than blackcurrants, blackcurrants are higher in LBV protein than apples, apples contain more carbohydrates, apples are made up of more water, blackcurrants contain more vitamin C than apples.

    Fruit contains a lot of the vitamins and minerals we need to maintain a healthy body.

    The fruits last for longer.



  7. Q1) GREENS:Sprouts ROOTS:Carrot PULSE:Peas FRUIT:Tomatoe
    Q2a) Protein-There is 4.6g of protein in each severing of vegetables this would make theses good for everyone.
    Carbohydrate- 5.4g of carbohydrate are in these, there is 3.4g fibre in it which means they would be good for people who are on a high fibre diet.
    Vitamins- 34mg of vitamins are in this which means its good for overall health and growth.
    Minerals- It contains iron and sodium but there is only small amount of sodium which is very good for those on a reduced salt diet
    Fats- 0.6g of fat in these vegetables which makes them suitable for people on a low fat diets
    2b) STARTER: Carrot and Corriander Soup with Wholemeal dinner roll
    MAIN COURSE:Creamy mashed potatoes,Mixture of vegtables and Beef
    DESERT: Carrot Cake
    2c) No minerals or vitamins are lost and is a quick easy method
    2d) Boiling or Stir fry
    2e) Try consuming vegetable burgers. Try eating them raw as a snack, soups, smoothies
    2f) frozen
    Q3a)BLACKCURRENTS- PROTEIN:0.9g of Protein is in this fruit
    FAT:0g of fat is in this fruit,witch makes it good for people on low fat diets
    CARBOHYDRATES:6.6g of carbohydrates is in this fruit
    WATER:77gs of water
    VITAMIN:200mg of Vitemans
    APPLES-PROTEIN:O.3g of protein is in Apples
    FAT:0 of fat in Apples
    3b) No fat,easy to loose weight
    When eat as a snack makes you full so you will eat less
    Gives energy
    3c)Have a fun day and make smoothies, fruit sundaes, fruit skewers, fruit cones
    Add to icecream or even try making your own healthier icecream
    3d) If the fruit is starting to turn black e.g Bananna… use it as a dried fruit ..it last longer or use tinned fruit
    3e) Canning

    • Good effort made, you need to be more specific about the nutrients- which Vitamin is present, why do you need it in the body and who needs it in the body to maintain good health. Think of more creative ways to include fruit and vegetables, fruit kebabs, vegetable kebabs, soups, sauces, smoothies, add fruit into yoghurts, cereals etc.

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