2nd year Homework for Monday 24th March

Section B, question 1
(Higher Level 2008)

The following information is displayed on the label of a carton of soup. Evaluate the nutritive value of the soup.

2008 EXAM question

A few useful tips!
  • Name each nutrient present in the food product.
  • State how much of each is present.
  • Comment on each nutrient―state its type and its function in the body.
  • Comment on its energy value (kcal), especially if it is particularly low or high in calories.
  • Comment on nutrients not present.
  • Make a general statement about the food at the end (good, bad or how can you improve it).

Do not forget your other questions given in class!  World Home Economics Day is tomorrow March 21st 2014, post this news on your Facebook at let everyone know that ‘Today is World Home Economics Day’. Stand up and be proud that you are Home Economics students.

Sourced form Essentials for living DVD and resource pack.


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