Recipes- Our adventure with our wooden spoon

Happiness is homemade 🍴🎂🍰 take a look at our muffin madness afternoon today. Unfortunately we were without two key chefs in today’s class so Chloe and Lauren we made sure to take pictures to show you. Ladies can you please complete your evaluation on today’s practical under the following headings

Appearance, colour, taste, texture, skills learned and what I would do differently in the next practical class.

Q1. What method did we learn today?

Most important equipment needed to make muffins are:

Small and large mixing bowls
Measuring jug
Measuring spoons tbsp, tsp.


Weighing Scales

Muffin tins

Paper muffin cases

Knives and forks.

Chopping boards

Wire cooling rack
Pot stand, oven gloves, a clock and your 2 plate system.

* Don’t forget your wooden spoon*



12 thoughts on “Recipes- Our adventure with our wooden spoon

  1. The colour of the muffins were a rich golden colour with white icing on the top it reminded me of a snowy Christmas . The flavour of the muffins were tastless and sugary. The texture of the muffins were Spongy, soft and a little bit doughy.I really enjoyed today’s class and my home economics teacher was very proud of me and my partners work I would rather my muffins than the ones in the shop because they were much fresher. The only thing for the next time is to try not make them very doughy as they could have been a little under cooked.

    • Be careful not to contradict yourself, they weretastless and sugary. if they were sugary then the taste was quite dominant. Good comparison with shop bought and comparing them to snow during Christmas. Maith thú an-obair déanta! What was the method used in today’s class? What was the source of Fat in this recipe? How did we reduce the calories in the muffins?

  2. I really enjoyed baking the muffins today!They were quite easy to bake if you followed the method! I really enjoyed working with Katie she’s great help!Be lost without her! The method we used in class was the all in one method. The muffins were a lovely golden colour,to me the muffins looked just right!The texture was spongy and a bit doughy….They tasted really yummy!The appearance of our muffins were very appetising,the blueberries were popping out of the muffins,when you bit into the muffin the blueberries melted on your tongue!The blueberries were a beautiful vibrant colour! I much prefer my muffins than the shops, because they were so much fresher and I knew exactly what was going into my muffins! I think Ms.Mills was proud of our muffins today!

  3. The chocolate chip muffins were a creamy colour with a little brown crisp on top, topped with a icing sugar .The chocolate chips were a little burnt we could have put more sugar in the muffins. They would have been nice with a side ice – cream and little bit of chocolate when I compared my muffins to the shop they were very alike .

    • Don’t forget your student number. Good effort made, why would you add more sugar? Would a side of ice cream increase the calorie content? Could you suggest a healthier option? How did they feel when you bit into them? can you describe the texture? Maith thú.

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  5. I really enjoyed making muffins on Tuesday !!

    The appearance of the muffins was a brownish, sunburned colour with chocolate chips inside it and icing sugar on the top of it. The appearance of the muffins reminded me of Christmas, when families would get together and have cakes such as Christmas Pudding, Fruit Cake, Mince Pies and any other cake.

    The colour of the muffins was brown, yellow and a bit sunburned. The colour reminded me of a Queen Cake that I would always purchase in a shop like Tesco or any other shop.

    The taste on the muffins was a soft, chewy and moist taste. My muffins made me crave for more of them, they were delightful.

    The texture of the muffins was a hot, doughy and sweet texture. The muffins made me want to make more because they had an outstanding taste.

    The skills that I learned from Tuesday’s cooking class was to be prepared for the class so that I don’t have to run around and get all the equipment that I need due to the fact that it’ll waste time if I don’t have them. Another skill / lesson that I learned was to stop doing stuff slower because it might be too slow that you might not know what to do in the next step.

    What I would change in the next Practical Class would to probably get all the equipment and to stop doing things slowly and to pick up the pace…

    • Sár-obair! Cuntas ionraic ar na muffins! Great evaluation you pointed out a few areas for improvements such as your time management can be worked on and your organisational skills that we can work on for the next cookery classes. Be careful when using the plural of items such as muffins that you use ‘were’ instead of ‘was’. Good comparison with xmas and shop bought options. Maith thú.

  6. On Tuesday in home economics 1st year made muffins
    The color of the muffins was a beige sandy colour and some were a little burnt and were a dark brown color around the edges.
    The texture of the muffins was crispy on the outside but doughy in the middle
    The flavor of the muffins were sweet but I tasted the blueberry ones and they were sour on the inside.
    I compared the muffins I made to the ones in the shops ans I much prefere mine because they are fresher

    • Well done, good effort made. Why do you think the blueberries were sour? Be careful when using the plural of items such as muffins that you use ‘were’ instead of ‘was’. Could you have added more about the skills that you learned? Take a look at some of the other evaluations, can you give me more detail? Always evaluate the exterior, interior and the whole muffin. What about comparing it against the muffin case? Good work.

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