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  1. 1. Anaemia means that the blood is unable to carry enough oxygen for the body.
    (i) chicken (ii) meat
    Q 2
    (a)Weight control:When people are trying to put on weight or lose weight they have to have the rights foods
    Convenience: People choose to eat convenience foods when they are in a hurry or how much time they have
    Mood: People might eat more when they feeling down for comfort or eat less when unwell
    Health and nutrition:People need vitamins and vegetables depending on their health issues. Some people have special dietary needs e.g coeliac, CHD and their meals need to be well planned.
    Taste: Everybody has different taste, personal likes and dislikes
    Cost: Its depends on a persons income if the are going to purchase, organic free range, convient processed foods are cheaper than fresh foods.
    (b) Fruit: are oranges, peppers, pinapples, strawberries and kiwi
    Vegetables: green peppers, spinach, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, peas, tomatoes,
    The functions of Vitamin c are to help absorb iron, prevent heart disease and for healthy gums and teeth .
    The deficiency are bleeding gums, slower healing of wounds and susceptibility to infections.
    (c)Vitamins are broken down while cooking so usually you should cook in smalls amounts and quickly.
    (d) The list of ingredients tells you what is in the product and tells allergies. The weight is how much is in the product. The Nutritional information how much energy and the fat, carbohydrates, protein, salt and sugar content. The best before date is to tell when you can eat it before it is gone off. The country of origin is where it was made.
    Question 3
    Teenagers need iron in their body as girls need it for their periods or might not have the right diet,
    One ill effect of lacking in iron would be fainting or feeling tired and developing anaemia.
    Iron absorption is affected by lack of vitamin C

    Bowl of cornflakes, bowl of fruit
    Orange juice
    Brown wholemeal meal bread sandwich with sardines
    banana and bottle of water
    Baked beans, Minced beet with potatoes and water
    (d) I include foods that are in the healthy eating guidelines in my menu such as bowl of cornflakes and baked beans
    (e) The factors influence the planning and management of the family meals as it depends on the income, if they have the equipment in their home and if they have the skills and knowledge to cook different meals everyday and that their dietary considerations are healthy
    Question 4

    • Well done, very clear points made, great first attempt however, can you (U)upgrade this answer slightly by adding more relevant points e.g Cost: price wars, increased competition, reduced income, recession, stores like Lidl/Aldi,
      socio- economic background, disposable income, seasonality.Weight Control: consumers who are more weight conscious tend to shop for more nutritious foods, increased levels of heart disease, cholesterol and obesity all weight linked, availability of low fat products, use of nutritious drinks, read labels for energy value,
      Mood: least important factor, humour can allow us make irrational food choices such as
      indulging in convenience / fast food, reward/comfort foods, irregular eating habits.

      Identify ways of retaining Vitamin C when (i) preparing and (ii) cooking foods with a high
      Vitamin C content.
      Cooking: cook in the minimum amount of water for the minimum amount of time in a saucepan with a tight fitting lid, use the cooking liquid to make soup and sauces, avoid using bread soda, avoid overcooking, choose suitable cooking method e.g. steaming retains maximum amount of nutrients

      Menu is quite good however would a teenager choose sardines as a sandwich filling how about a mixed salad tuna brown roll with vegetable soup?
      Maith thú

  2. Q 1. The term Anaemia is a lack of iron in the body.it can occur when there is a severe loss of blood in the body, it causes tiredness and breathlessness.
    (I) two sources of haem iron are red meat and offal.
    Q2 A)the six factors that affect a persons choice of food are the taste,mood,weight control,convenience,cost, and health and nutrition. 41% depends on the taste of the food, if you don’t like the taste of a certain type of food you obviously won’t eat it. 36% is on health and nutrition, this affects a persons choice of food because if you don’t eat foods that are health and nutritious regularly you are at risk of obesity. the cost affects a persons choice of food, if someone hasn’t got enough money to buy a good brand of food they will most likely go for a cheaper brand. convenience affects a persons choice of food by 7%. if your in a rush and have no time to cook people tend to go for convenience foods.
    B) vitamin c- main food sources-blackcurrants, strawberries,cabbage,tomatoes,apples. functions- acts as an antioxidant preventing heart disease and cancer. Necessary for the formation of collagen. Necessary for development of bones and teeth and aids white blood cells in fighting an infection.
    Deficiency- scurvy,anaemia,slow healing of wounds,bruising and bleeding due to the fragile structure of blood vessels and body tissue. (C) Ways of retaining vitamin c when preparing food-eat fresh fruit and veg as soon as possible after buying, cut vegetables just before eating or cooking, cook vitamin c rich foods quickly in little water, ways of retaining vitamin c when cooking foods-use little or no water if possible, don’t cut veg until you want to use them. D) The benefit of having the list of ingredients included on food packaging is cause it tells you what’s in the product. The weight is beneficial as it lets you see how many grams is included on the package. The nutritional information is beneficial because it lets you see how much nutrients you are getting from that food. the best before date is beneficial because it lets you know how much time you have to cook that food. the country of origin is beneficial because it lets you know where the food is coming from. Q3 3A) Two reasons why it is important to include iron in a teenagers diet is because iron is needed to stop you feeling tired and fatigue and to give you energy. (II) one ill effect of a diet deficient in iron is anaemia. B) vitamin c help the absorption of iron in the body.
    C) ***Breakfast*** bowl of cornflakes and 1 egg and orange juice.
    ***Lunch*** baked beans with a slice of toast and water.
    ***Dinner*** minced beef with potatoes and mixed steamed vegetables and a glass of water. D) The menus I prepared take the healthy eating guidelines and the nutritional requirements into account because I included vegetables as a good source of iron and protein and I included fruit and a good source of healthy foods. E) Money influences the planning and management of family meals because you might not have enough to buy separate dinners therefore would be beneficial to buy in bulk. Equipment influences the planning and management of family meals because you will have the basics to cook but might not have the right equipment you need to make a certain dish. Your knowledge and skills influence it because if someone is creative with food and really skillful they could experiment. Dietary requirements are very important because if someone is coeliac or a vegetarian you would have to cook a dish suitable to their diet . Q4 1,true 2,true 3 false

    • Comprehensive analysis done on question 2(A). Making reference to the information on the graph is crucial so well done. Take a look at the feedback I gave student 65 especially to answer and comment on the trends which is the highest and which is the lowest e.g Health & Nutrition: second highest factor, consumers are nutritionally aware, people read food labels, increase in diet related disorders, allergies, specific dietary requirements, cooking method
      An-obair, maith thú.

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