Gelatinisation Assignment 5

Girls you are doing great work on the journals. This week our main focus is Assignment 5 . Take a look at the requirements of the task LC_2015_Home_Economics_Food_Studies_Assignments

“The success of many dishes relies on the gelatinisation of starch which may be present in one or more ingredients”.

Define gelatinisation. Identify a range of sweet and savoury dishes that illustrate this property.
Investigate and elaborate on the application of gelatinisation in the making of sweet and savoury
dishes and explain the scientific principle involved.
Prepare, cook and serve one of the dishes (either sweet or savoury) that you have investigated.
Evaluate the assignment in terms of (a) implementation and (b) success in applying the
property of gelatinisation when making the dish.

For homework this week girls you need to find a definition for Gelatinisation, this must only be taken from a reputable website on the internet or from a book! Secondly, you need to research a selection of sweet and savory dishes that demonstrate gelatinisation. Then you must research the scientific principle of gelatinisation and the factors that affect the success of gelatinisation.

Go n-éirí an t-ádh libh.




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