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  1. Lipids homework task, 31/March/2014
    A) Butter has the highest fat and kcal intake compared to original spread and extra light spread .Extra light spread has the lowest fat and kcal intake compared to butter and original spread. Original spread has more fat and kcal intake compared to the extra light spread. The extra light spread would be the healthiest option to have out of the list as it contains less fat and calories which is suitable for someone with coronary heart disease.

    I have the diagrams drawn in my copy I can’t figure out how to do them on office word though.

    • Very good first attempt, however what about splitting each of the fats up Monounsaturated polyunsaturated and saturated, omega 3 fatty acids and trans fatty acids and mentioning a bit about them.

      Well done Missus

  2. A)
    The extra light spread is the healthiest choice out of these as it has the lowest fat and kcal intake, butter being the least healthiest and original spread being the second healthiest option. Butter also has the highest saturated fatty acid intake which people should try avoid! And the least polyunsaturated fatty acids(the better guys) it also has the highest trans fatty acids(the bad guys) which should also be avoided, Extra light spread having the lowest trans fatty acids also. Butter also has the lowest monosaturated fats then the original spread or the extra light spread. Mono saturated and polyunsaturated fats are good to eat in moderation! Where as trans and saturated should try be avoided as much as possible!

    B) diagrams will have to be drawn into my copy 🙂

  3. A)
    The extra light spread is better for the small part of the constituents having a very low count of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids however the extra light spread has a very low amount of energy, fat, monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids which isn’t good because The body needs fat. It’s a major energy source and also helps you absorb certain vitamins and nutrients.Those fats are good for you.These good fats can help lower LDL, prevent abnormal heart rhythms, and prevent heart disease.
    The Original Spread is great for the likes of the energy, polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 fatty acids. However the original spread has a very high amount of fat and saturated fatty acids and as i stated before that the body needs fat but everything must be consumed in moderation and too much fats can be very bad for you.
    The butter has a very high fat content, saturated fatty acids content and trans fatty acids content so the butter is the unhealthiest of them all.

    b) The diagrams will be done in my copy.

    • Excellent well written informative answer, good comparisons between butters and spreads and good evidence of understanding. In future back up point up with the % or measurement (g). Maith thú

  4. Extra light spread would be the healthier option as it is low in kcal, butter is the most unhealthy option as it is high in fatty acids, trans fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids. The original spread would be a good choice to have as it has lots of omega 3 and is not too high in fat.

    • Good effort made, it is important that you take each spread one by one, tell me the good points and bad points about the butter/spread. List the % or the amount of fat ( saturated, mono, poly ) as well. Explain what effects each of the spreads/butter would have on a persons health, cholesterol and weight. Well done, good woman!

  5. A) the table above shows the saturated fats present in 3 varieties of butter products. Displaying “butter” as the least healthier option with the most saturated fatty acids present and the least polyunsaturated fat content, As it is the worst option out of the three it would be best to avoid “butter” and avail in “extra light spread” as it has the lowest number saturated fats present. It also has the most polyunsaturated fats which are good fatty acids. Eating “extra light spread” would be ideal for someone struggling with obesity.
    The second most relatively healthier option as apposed to “butter” would be original spread as it contains less saturated fatty acids than butter and more polyunsaturated fats present.

    B) in copy.

    • Do not forget to state your Student number on the post! Good effort made, more attention to the health risks associated with consuming too much of each of the butter products, for example which one should be avoided if on a low cholesterol diet? take a look at student 511. Good work well done!

  6. (A)
    Out of all the options in this question the extra light spread would be the healthier option as it is the option with the least fat and kal intake compared to the original spread with sufficient kcals, the normal butter is definitely the worst of all three options containing nearly double the saturated fatty acids as compared to the light spread, a high saturated fat consumption can lead to coronary disease high blood pressure and weight gain .
    Will be done in copy

    • Good work, it is important that you make 5 valid strong points using the State, Explain and give an Example (SEE) to answer your questions. There is scope for more information for top marks e.g comparing the three fatty acids and stating their % and amount in grams. Well done!

  7. a) Butter has a higher fat content compared to the extra light and original spreads. Extra light spread has the lowest fat content. The original spread has the most polyunsaturated fatty acids. The extra light spread would be the healthiest option as it is low in fat and would be suitable for people with high cholesterol. B) Diagrams in copy.

    • Good work, however your answer is missing key information, why should we include each of the nutrients in our diet, and who should include them in their diet, be specific!

  8. A)Butter has 52.1g of saturated fatty acids while extra light spread only has 5.1g which tells us that the extra light spread is the healthier option .The extra light is higher than the butter in omega 3 which is better. Extra light butter is ideal to prevent build up of cholesterol which can cause Coronary Heart Disease and is also ideal for a person On a low cholesterol diet, a weight reducing diet or struggling with obesity.

    • Well done, good points made and backed up with relevant information to a persons health and diet. It is important to make at least 6 good well backed up points. Take a look at the feedback given to the other girls to see how you can improve on your answer the next time.

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