Happiness is a slice of pizza

The Transition year students had a very busy morning in the Home Economics kitchen today. The girls made a selection of homemade pizzas for the pizza party that they arranged to raise money to help give the Home Economics kitchens a facelift as part of their interior design module. Thank you to all who supported … Continue reading

Pounding curry pastes, flavoursome thai ingredients, quality food, traditional recipes- communicating and cooking with other people from different corners of the world ❤️

For me one of the most worthwhile experiences about travelling around Thailand is tasting all the different types of food. Trying local food that has been prepared with passion and affection has certainly been an eye opener for me as a Home Economics teacher. So, I decided to take the opportunity to complete a half-day … Continue reading

Delicious, easy, melt in your mouth shortbread recipe and just what Ms Mills ordered as a pick me up during the LC and JC exams! A great one for the tea break. *P.s they dunk well*!

Unbelievably tasty and easy, these could very well be the pick me up you need with that cup of Lyons/Barry’s tea this week! Ingredients: 125g Plain Flour 60g Cornflour ½ tsp of vanilla essence 125g unsalted Butter (softened) 60g of Caster Sugar Sprinkle of caster sugar for decoration ♥ Method ( Miss what do I do?)  … Continue reading